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  • A Quick Garter Stitch Scarf

    Garter scarf wrapped

    I made a scarf for a friend. Nothing fancy, though the choice of soft, cozy Tosh Merino convinced her otherwise. She requested a long and skinny scarf. The finished product measures just over six feet long and four inches wide. I had enough yarn to go longer, but if she’s happy I’m happy.

  • Blogspot Content Imported

    I enjoyed importing the coolnamehere content so much last weekend that I decided to import the posts from a neglected Blogspot blog this weekend. jekyll-import simplified the actual import process, though I still had a lot of manual cleanup to perform.

  • coolnamehere Content Update

    crappy old coolnamehere menu I made in GIMP

    I got bored of the old coolnamehere pages effectively sitting outside of the site because of the way Jekyll - and pretty much every other static blogging system - treats pages as secondary to posts. It makes sense, anyways. Once you stop bikeshedding about where to put content in your elaborate directory structure, it gets easier to add stuff.

  • Ruby iTunes Ratings Fun

    Earlier this year I did a fresh operating system install on my laptop. Part of that install involved moving all my music from an older machine. I moved the music, but not the iTunes details. My tastes changed over the years. Why not start with a fresh listen and fresh ratings for all?

  • Finding and Removing Duplicate Files

    I had a clever idea a couple months ago: to write a blog post detailing how to find recursively find duplicate files in a folder. My technique was good enough: track file sizes, find files that had the same file size and MD5 hash, and display the resulting list. It wasn’t foolproof, but it showed some thought. After spending a little too much time on the post, I realized I had never checked CPAN. Of course there is already a module to handle that exact task.

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