Choosing a static site generator

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tl;dr: If you're making a site for fun, use something you'll have fun with.

I enjoyed a recent post on picking a static site generator in 2020. Along with explaining the what and why of SSGs, the post lists a few favorites. Gatsby, Hugo, Eleventy, and even the now-venerable Jekyll get highlighted. So do a few that are still new to me, like Next.js and Nuxt.js. I'll probably try those too at some point.

Nothing about Nikola. Too bad! It's a blast to tinker with.

My suggestion? If you have a business need, follow that. But if you want to have fun? Try them all! Write code to carry posts forward from one generator to the next!

And try making your own sometime. That's fun too!

Okay, I admit it. I have weird ideas of fun.