An experiment in adding the sort of short, freeform content I enjoy posting so much elsewhere (Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Useful Overview of Neurodiversity

A lot of the work in neurodiversity now seems to be suggesting that grouping traits together and circling that and calling it a thing isn’t the best way to reason about this. Insurance companies really love it.

Neurodiversity provides an alternate take on traits that are common to ADHD, autism, OCD, and others. Myk’s talk summarizes them better than I could, and better than resources I could find for linking.

The talk lasts half an hour including questions. Some occasional audio issues thanks to everyone’s new remote life, but the transcript makes following easier.

Some new / clarified bits for me — aside from the above quote:

  • many folks experience these traits, but their intensity for neurodivergent folks is such that we must plan our lives around them

  • useful medical information is not widely available

  • "dead time" oh god that thing where your brain won’t let you do something now because you’re planning to do something later

  • description of "autistic burnout" sounds like something I’m going through right now

Sepia Sunburst

Sepia Sunburst

Lots of folks stuck at home.

Feel like coloring something? I decided to share the linework for this drawing.

Print it. Import it into your favorite coloring / sketch app. Whatever. Have fun!

And you don’t have to show me what you do with it, but I’d love it if you did!

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times

Seen while walking the dogs.

LIKE A GOOD ❤️ NEIGHBOR PLEASE STAY HOME ❤️ if you can 😃 as much as you can ❤️

There’s another drawing in there. 🎈 maybe? Octopus?

Yay I Added Mentions and Replies

Yay I Added Mentions and Replies

Not real time, of course. It updates when I build the site. The layout needs touching up. But all the details are there.

I used Max Böck’s Webmentions post as a starting point.

And yes, I’m far enough along with the Indieweb stuff that my study notes would make a decent blog post. Maybe a couple.

Every Post Has a UUID

Gave them all a Universally Unique Identifer, per RFC 4122.

Should simplify rearranging the site sources. Helpful hint: don’t rely on filenames as unique content identifiers for your workflow. Oh sure they work fine 80% of the time, but that last 20% is a doozy.

I used Python’s uuid library. There’s also the uuidgen command if I switch away from a Python workflow.

VS Code pylint needs pylintrc

Visual Studio Code doesn’t seem to pick up my environment’s PYTHONPATH when running pylint. Makes project-local modules a headache. The solution: put it in your pylint config.


init-hook='import sys; sys.path.append("pylib")'

Okay, I got more planned for today than messing with code. Back to that other stuff.

Passing Tests Is Now Required to Push

Passing Tests Is Now Required to Push

Push the site, that is.

Building on work from the other day. Course, I don’t know what test coverage is. I know it ain’t 100% of what I want to check.

Today in Personal Accomplishments

Today in Personal Accomplishments

Been doing quality assurance on my site. Need to know what I got before any more big changes. Yes, 7.3 seconds is slow for Hugo. It’s all the RST. No plan to change that.

All I Did Was Click Bulk Download

All I Did Was Click Bulk Download

Usually when you click a button that says “Bulk Download” you expect to get one big file.

Humble Bundle has a different interpretation.

Emacs refresh-package-contents

Tried adding Evil with use-package. Didn’t work.

Didn’t write the error message down, of course. Something about MELPA looking for a package version from two months ago and deciding the package was "Not Found".

Eventually figured out I need to run package-refresh-contents, which grabs the latest package listings. Might be overkill to run that automatically in every Emacs session, so I won’t add it to my .emacs.

I will add a comment though.

;; Package not installing?
;;  Try 'M-x package-refresh-contents'

(require 'package)

Hopefully I remember to read my own comments.

Or the documentation.


john sj anderson wrote a post expanding on a suggestion to use advising functions.