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YAPC::NA 2013 Links From a Non-Attendee

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YAPC::NA, the Yet Another Perl Conference for North America, just happened. I didn’t go. Since I didn’t go, I want to compile everything I can find about the conference in one place. Videos, slides, blog posts, whatever.

I am ready to add, edit, or remove items as needed. Make your suggestions or comments in the comments section.

There’s also an Eventifier compilation of YAPC::NA, which includes most of this and a lot of photos as well.



Got links to “Perl - The Detroit of Scripting Languages” and “Be Kind To Your Wrists (you’ll miss them when they’re gone)” from Zakariyya Mughal.


More links from Zakariyya Mughal, and a post-YAPC::NA love letter to the Perl community from Brent Laabs, found on Twitter.


Added Eventifier link


Nick Patch sent some wrap-up blog posts. Yay!


Buddy Burden’s blog post, from raiph mellor


LiveStream archive links from the YAPC::NA Talk Videos page. Those archives will eventually be replaced by YouTube links, according to the site. So this is just to hold us over until then.


From a #yapcna search on Twitter and scrubbing around on the YAPC::NA site.