Didn’t add much to the site this year. Day to day life kept me fully occupied.

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  • Living in Seattle

    Jul 11, 2003 (Updated Jul 11, 2004)

    Coolnamehere · babblings · exploring ·

    Seattle is a city. It may not be as big as Los Angeles or New York, but it is still a city. You do not have an excuse to be bored, even if you are flat broke. My wife and I have lived in Seattle since 1999, and it still feels like we are scraping the surface of what this area has to offer after ten years.

  • Ruby Babysteps 01 - First Steps

    Jun 23, 2003 (Updated Apr 9, 2017)

    Coolnamehere · ruby · learn ·

    Ruby is an exciting language with a huge number of features that appeal to advanced programmers. You should not let that intimidate you, though. The language is very easy to get started with, and you can work your way into the more arcane corners.

  • Ruby Babysteps

    Jun 22, 2003 (Updated Jul 11, 2009)

    Coolnamehere · ruby · learn ·