The year in which I started knitting, or at least started knitting well enough to want to share pics of it.

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  • My Striped Scarf

    My Striped Scarf

    Aug 15, 2005

    Craft · knitting · scarf ·

    This started out as the “maximum scarf” from the Knit Stitch book, but I got bored and went for a modified version of “Joel’s Scarf” instead. This is sport weight yarn, 60 stitch cast on, and and only 3 colors instead of 7. It has turned out to be my most popular scarf.
  • REBOL Babysteps - 04 Repeating Yourself

    Mar 7, 2005 (Updated Jul 11, 2009)

    Coolnamehere [REBOL Babysteps] · rebol · learn ·

    Now we know how to do things, and we know how to choose whether or not we will do something. We’re getting close to having some real skills. We just need to get the understanding of one more concept before we reach the first little plateau of programming knowledge. We need to learn how to do a task more than once. Well, besides just running the script again, but that doesn’t really count.

  • Monitor Your Battery Life With REBOL

    Feb 28, 2005 (Updated Jul 11, 2009)

    Coolnamehere · rebol · learn ·

    One thing you like to keep track of on your laptop is how much juice is left in your battery. There’s nothing quite like being in the middle of some insane hacking session and watching as the computer suddenly gets tired and blacks out on you. Of course, I’ve already got a handy battery monitor in my KDE panel, but what if I’m not in KDE? Okay, okay, there are handy battery monitors for nearly every desktop environment out there. That’s not my point, though. My point is that I’d like to explore some basic system stuff using REBOL on an Ubuntu 8.10 system. Got it? Okay, good. Now that we’ve settled this little detail, let’s move on.

  • REBOL Grab Bag

    Feb 28, 2005 (Updated Jul 11, 2009)

    Coolnamehere · rebol ·

  • REBOL Babysteps - 03 Making Decisions

    Feb 27, 2005 (Updated Jul 11, 2009)

    Coolnamehere [REBOL Babysteps] · rebol · learn ·

    In part 1 I gave you a first cautious glance at the REBOL programming language. In part 2 I extended that glance to a peek at the excellent REBOL/View GUI library. Let’s continue learning how to program with Rebol. Today I want to get you started with some structured programming by introducing you to selection structures. Selection structures make it possible to decide whether or not to do something based on a test. Here are a few uses for a simple selection structure.

  • Perl 5 Babysteps 01 - Getting Started

    Jan 4, 2005 (Updated Aug 25, 2011)

    Coolnamehere · perl · learn ·

    This is part 1 of my ongoing series of Perl Babysteps.

  • Perl Babysteps

    Jan 4, 2005 (Updated Aug 25, 2011)

    Coolnamehere · perl · learn ·

    Let’s admit it. Perl is everywhere. It powers most of the Internet, in one form or another. What? Your site doesn’t use Perl and CGI? Well, what about the administrative scripts that keep it running smoothly when everyone is snug in their beds? Even a fair chunk of Microsoft IIS servers rely on Perl for administrative tasks. I’m not saying that Perl is being used on every site on the Internet, including yours. I’m saying that Perl is probably being used on any random site you happen to look at on the Internet, including yours.