New Twitter Account Just For The Site

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Geekish Update No Disqus For Now
New Twitter Account Just For The Site
New Twitter Account Just For The Site
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Follow @randgeekery if Twitter is your news feed.

This is relevant to my earlier post about limiting social media. See, if Twitter gets scary enough that I want to lock down my personal account, I’ll still have this one for sharing posts. Plenty of folks use Twitter as their news feed. And honestly the way I tweet it’s easy to lose any site-related content in the GIFs, jokes, and existential despair.

For now the new account exists mainly to be retweeted by me - and maybe the two friends that found it even though I haven’t posted anything yet. In the future? Who knows? I’ve been just @brianwisti for nearly ten years now. I might enjoy the change of pace.

In the spirit of streamlining, I added a Follow page for RSS and social media links, and cleaned up the sidebar links a bit.