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Tasks I accomplished or ideas I wanted to show off that had more to do with code than anything else.


May 26, 2018 / programming
November 24, 2017 / Programming
April 11, 2017 / programming
February 25, 2017 / programming

I have ignored my MacBook Pro for a few months. Now my iTunes and Rhythmbox music libraries are out of sync. The Rhythmbox library includes a handful of Ogg Vorbis files. Because iTunes does not support Ogg by default, I will use FFmpeg to convert those files to MP3. For the sake of novelty, Perl 6 is the glue language for the task.

July 11, 2016 / programming
January 2, 2016 / programming
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December 13, 2014 / programming

I had a clever idea a couple months ago: to write a blog post detailing how to find recursively find duplicate files in a folder. My technique was good enough: track file sizes, find files that had the same file size and MD5 hash, and display the resulting list. It wasn’t foolproof, but it showed some thought. After spending a little too much time on the post, I realized I had never checked CPAN. Of course there is already a module to handle that exact task.

October 2, 2014 / programming

I want to write at least 250 words per day. This is not a 30 day challenge. It is just something I want to do. I write more than 250 words daily when you count social network posts and chat text. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of those words were organized around a single idea?

July 26, 2014 / programming
June 25, 2014 / programming

Perl 5.20 has experimental support for function signatures. That’s good news. I just thought to check if signatures can be used in subroutine references. They can.

November 25, 2013 / programming
November 11, 2013 / programming
I have been spending most of my free time working on a┬áRails project for the Mary’s Place day shelter. At some point - probably after many scan/edit cycles with metric_fu - it occurred to me that even though my Rails knowledge has increased over the last year, my core Ruby skills have not. They have stayed static. They may even have deteriorated a bit, since Rails does so much work for the developer.
June 6, 2013 / programming

YAPC::NA, the Yet Another Perl Conference for North America, just happened. I didn't go. Since I didn't go, I want to compile everything I can find about the conference in one place. Videos, slides, blog posts, whatever.