calmcode Python video courses

rakubrew - Raku installer and version manager

Logseq knowledge base

Karabiner Elements

Mojolicious — Perl real-time web framework

Statamic — the world class Laravel CMS

Themes for Alacritty

asdf -- An extendable version manager

Playwright for Python

Kill Six Billion Demons

Joplin Note App


W3C Accessibility Guidelines 3.0

Books with Jupyter

Pluto.jl: Simple reactive notebooks for Julia

Just: A Command Runner

Pkg.jl: Julia's package manager

krohnkite: A dynamic tiling extension for KWin

Project dependencies in Julia

Org Mode -- Organize Your Life In Plain Text!

An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp

Emacs in a Box

Emacs Prelude Documentation


Command Line Interface Guidelines

IndieWeb bookmarking reference