I posted The Seattle Freeze Is a Hundred Years Old on Friday, 24 April, 2020

The Seattle Freeze Is a Hundred Years Old
Sometimes there’s a literal freeze
Note Seattle history

The Seattle Freeze Is a Hundred Years Old

Crosscut editor-at-large Knute Berger shared evidence that the infamous {seattle-freeze}[Seattle Freeze] — our reputation for keeping everyone at arm’s length — has been with us for a while.

…while researching the pandemic of 1918-1920, Ben Helle, the ever-sharp-eyed archivist at the Washington State Archives, came across a Seattle Times clipping that suggested conversation about Seattle’s frigid nature as far back as the spring of 1920.

It can be frustrating, but the Freeze has its good points. Less pressure for small talk and social obligations. Plus when we’ve decided we like you, you can’t get rid of us.


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