What Brian is up to at the moment

Wearing a [beardbag]( from [Hemlock Haven Arts](
Wearing a beardbag from Hemlock Haven Arts

Right now? Living in the West Seattle neighborhood and writing Python for Nokia. Lots of staying inside, watching the COVID-19 map turn ever more red in the US, and wearing a mask when I go outside.

Very much enjoying married life. On the other hand, work has been way too busy. Not much time for — much of anything else really. Especially blogging.

There is a page about me and the site if you want general information.

What about more specifically?

  • Working. A lot. Which is better than some of the alternatives, but still. At least it’s a fun project.
  • Experimenting with Eleventy again to see if I like it better than Hugo.
  • Learning how to be useful in Windows for work. It’s not required to get stuff done, but it does make things easier to use similar tools as your coworkers. Besides, open source Microsoft is a thing now!
  • I mentioned getting married, right? That’s a pretty big deal.
  • Experimenting aggressively with the Hugo static site generator.
  • Improving the site’s IndieWeb functionality, a little bit at a time. Check #indieweb for irregular progress updates.

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