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I live in the West Seattle neighborhood of Seattle and write code - not too much, more JavaScript than Perl these days — from home for Infinity Interactive.

There is a page about me and the site if you want general information.

What about more specifically?

  • Drawing and crafting regularly and posting my favorites here.
  • Adding some of my sketches to a Design By Hümans store, where you can buy them on shirts, mugs, and more.
  • Using a combination of medical help and task management tools to direct my easily distracted brain.
  • Slowly turning my Raspberry Pi into a home data and music hub.
  • Generally working on going out, doing stuff, and being more social.
  • I danced! With friends! Where other people can see me! A couple times now!
  • Seeing if I have the patience to grow a yeard, where you let a beard grow for a year. Well, not a real yeard, because I insist on a tidy face. But still, focus on letting it grow. Last overenthusiastic trim: 2019-01-05.

You can contact me via email or follow online!