What Brian is up to at the moment


We just moved back to the West Seattle neighborhood of Seattle. Until recently I wrote Python for Coffee Meets Bagel. Today I’m just catching my breath and hiding out from COVID-19 like the rest of you. Well, except that I got married.

There is a page about me and the site if you want general information.

What about more specifically?

  • Refactoring my config into something coherent.
  • I mentioned getting married, right? That’s a pretty big deal.
  • Experimenting aggressively with the Hugo static site generator.
  • Improving the site’s IndieWeb functionality, a little bit at a time. Check #indieweb for irregular progress updates.
  • Unpacking. It takes a while!
  • Spending much more time in Emacs and Org mode.

You can contact me via email or follow me online!

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