What I am up to as of 2021-04-06

We are all very tired from the move
We are all very tired from the move

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page.

Checkout the /now page movement started by Derek Sivers. You can get a profile if you set up a /now page. /now — it’s like a webring for status pages!

We just moved to Federal Way, a suburb between Seattle and Tacoma. After twenty years in the city, it will take a bit for me to adjust to back yards and no coffee shop across the street. work is writing Python — mostly Django — for Nokia. Don’t need to stay inside so much because of that yard, but I’m keeping a close eye on the COVID vaccination rates before I spend much time around other people.

Not that I ever did spend much time around other people.

There is a page about me and the site if you want general information.

What about more specifically?

  • Working. A lot. Which is better than some of the alternatives, but still. At least it’s a fun project.
  • Been married a full year!
  • Improving — okay, fixing — the site’s IndieWeb functionality, a little bit at a time. Check #indieweb for irregular progress updates.

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