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Thursday, 24 December, 2020
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Wednesday, 23 December, 2020

krohnkite: A dynamic tiling extension for KWin

krohnkite: A dynamic tiling extension for KWin

A dynamic tiling extension for KWin. Contribute to esjeon/krohnkite development by creating an account on GitHub.

For window tiling when I’m not in awesomewm. Installable — on Manjaro KDE, at least — in System Settings:

Workspace → Window Management → KWin Scripts → Get New Scripts…

Copying usage details from the README because I know I’ll need it.

Default key bindings

Key Action
Meta + J Focus Down/Next
Meta + K Focus Up/Previous
Meta + H Left
Meta + L Right
Meta + Shift + J Move Down/Next
Meta + Shift + K Move Up/Previous
Meta + Shift + H Move Left
Meta + Shift + L Move Right
Meta + I Increase
Meta + D Decrease
Meta + F Toggle Floating
Meta + \ Cycle Layout
Meta + Return Set as Master
Meta + T Use Tile Layout
Meta + M Use Monocle Layout

Some good tips there for making KDE more comfortable, too.