CLI Journaling in Joplin with Raku
Friday, 21 May, 2021

Logseq knowledge base

Logseq: A local-first knowledge base

A local-first knowledge base which can be synced using Git.

A lot like Roam Research, or so I’m told. Haven’t tried Roam myself.

Similar to, though Logseq’s graph isn’t quite so pretty yet. It stores your notes in local files, in Markdown — or Org! — formats.

The cool stuff

  • link to files or individual nodes
  • lightweight task management; much less complex than Org or Taskwarrior, but more than just checkbox lists
  • properties for complex structures
  • template support
  • shortcodes (embedding YouTube videos, stuff like that)
  • query logic {{query (todo now)}} to see everything you told yourself you’re currently doing
  • in active development; bug fixes and feature improvements seem regular

The cautions

  • app defaults to browser view, but editing local files is apparently unsupported in Firefox
  • limited customization of the app interface; those may be Org files, but this ain’t Org mode
  • in active development; expect breakage, changes in functionality, and placeholders for documentation

Additional References

  • Loqseq’s own overview
  • OneStutteringMind’s ongoing series of tutorial videos; makes the app approachable; pretty much the only reason I’m trying Logseq out
  • the Awesome Logseq list of resources is kind of a correction to my initial note about limited customization; you can do more than I thought from my day or two clicking around in the app