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A quick note
Added a Hugo note archetype
Internet Connected!
Chicken for lunch
Checking in on my idea bucket
Seattle's Chinatown Gate
task add 'admit a mistake'
I Stole A Great Idea
Chunky Bacon
I should be sleeping
12 days 5 hours 28 minutes to home
Artist's rendition of my sinuses
make publish
Wait No Hold On
6 Days 21 Hours 30 Minutes To Home
tmux and laundry art
Wanting WSL 2
IndieWeb Principles
Saving some links from Perl 6 Weekly
Installed Windows Terminal Preview
"Charming Victorian" also means "Creepy As Hell"
I forgot how nice KDE can be
Might see Little Monsters
I still love when people say nice things about Perl
Sweep Leaves Not Lives
Proudly doing it wrong
Yanick made me do it
[+1 Interesting]
A Microsoft Linux Conference?
Pioneer Square has a view now
minor social network culling
Do not shop on first coffee
We went to the mall. Later, I bought an app.
A good day for books
Slow walkers have inferior brains
Foot hat
Bookmarking the KEXP livestream links
Couple decades now
On moving your life forward
Watched Netflix Explained; remembered Bowie
I got business stickers
Some manual symmetry with Linea Sketch
Be proud of your blog site thing
Having fun with Emacs
Art Nouveau, Psychedelia, and a Kalevala tangent
Smug mode activated
RSS fix, I hope
Always got time for Miyazaki
Again with the manual symmetry
Let's call the notes experiment a success
I got her a card for her birthday
Removing mmark has me grumbly
At last I have a mission statement
Noncommercial-only licenses are hard
Eleventy 0.10.0 is out and I am distracted again
Go back to bed
that thing
Random Geekery a la Nikola
Random Geekery a la Gatsby.js
Added dark mode for the site
inv note
Somebody Discovered Fork Awesome
Yay Fluid Images
I have one like somewhere
That Is Just Embarrassing
Emacs refresh-package-contents
All I Did Was Click Bulk Download
Today in Personal Accomplishments
Passing Tests Is Now Required to Push
VS Code pylint needs pylintrc
Every Post Has a UUID
Yay I Added Mentions and Replies
Sign of the Times
Sepia Sunburst
Useful Overview of Neurodiversity
Kistler Tree
How Mom stays creative
Why Do I Blog?
The Seattle Freeze Is a Hundred Years Old
Patronize Me on Liberapay
I Helped genehack!
How many recent authors on CPAN?
Sorry if I Broke Your Rss Feed
Skinny Lines and Flat Colors
Pondering My Indieweb Guinea Pig
Datasette Sure Is Nifty
Made an Emacs Binding for Config Quick Edit
Debugging My Site With a Little Help From My Friends
My Therapist Would Love This if I Had One
Hard Moving on From Perl When It Keeps Being More Good Enough Than the Other Good Enough Solutions
Clearing the tracks as we go is part of the fun
Shaved 3 Seconds Off Site Build Time!
I Added 10 Seconds to Build Time!
Sepia Hallucination
Enjoyed this Derek Sivers interview
uploaded to cpan oops hang on how about now
Here have a drawing
Not saying this is a good idea
Wanted a uses page, made a config section
Working on Breadcrumbs
Deidre's Juneuary Hat
so chemacs is kinda cool
OrgMode-ish VimWiki
Fred Brooks was right
Slow City Doodle
Watched an old Tom Waits interview
Squiggly Spaceship Thing
Work Break with Eleventy
Accidental Renaissance: The rolling contest
SSG is for putterers
I have a society6 shop
Local WP is nice, but no.
Checking out Playwright for Python
I added this note from org mode
Found the micro editor
We have bookmarks!
New theme for 2021
Tags and config and RSS oh my
Great workflow you got there
Something new to color
I got mentions back up
testing a thing
Tweaking my tools
Just noticed Okular PDF is on Windows
yay fresh webmentions again
Maybe I don't know much about Markdown, he says
If RMS is your hero then you need better heroes
I'm trying a "notes" collection
I'll deploy eventually.
So here's my first Statamic tip: don't forget xml_handler in your RSS template
The Memex Method Works For Me
oh no i added a javascript search thing
Not sure why I keep fussing with every single SSG. It's fun, I guess?
I installed Gitea because it is shiny not because it is needed
Our cats give me more reason to use the terminal
oh no there is a shiny new SSG
A finished Awesomewm post from someone else is better than a draft from me
pared down to the base blog
finally have all my content in one format
Look at me with one Asciidoctor page in an Astro site
Today is September 21st — you know the rules
I wrote this note in Hugo with markdown-it-py
winget is pretty slick now
Try Riv if you like Vim and reStructuredText
Drawing and site shuffling are coping techniques
My Org Config! It's back!
Logseq sure does work hard at being friendly
I got Astro working!
meanwhile, weather
Eleventy 1.0 beta handles custom templates
Slowly pulling in tools for site flow
Time to start reading Domesticate Your Badgers