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So many posts! 36 is by far the most I ever added to my site in a single year. Drawing, knitting, crochet, wrestling with Disqus, exploring Emacs, then going back to Vim and the command line, with tools like Taskwarrior.

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  • Taskwarrior Priorities

    Taskwarrior Priorities

    Dec 25, 2017

    Tools · taskwarrior ·

    Merry Christmas! Time to organize my Taskwarrior tasks.

  • Taskwarrior


    Dec 16, 2017 (Updated Dec 22, 2017)

    Tools · taskwarrior ·

    I ended up with a mess after half a year trying to use every feature of Taskwarrior. It's time to focus on building solid knowledge one step at a time.

  • Drawing Grids With Python and Pillow

    Drawing Grids With Python and Pillow

    Nov 24, 2017

    Programming · python ·

    Hey I used Python and Pillow to make grids for my drawing. Read on to watch my brain while I figured it out. Apologies for the minimal editing and the ridiculous number of images.

  • Wellington for Sass

    Oct 31, 2017

    Tools · site · css ·

    I found Wellington, a Sass compiler written in Go.

  • Beets and iTunes

    Oct 1, 2017 (Updated Oct 2, 2017)

    Tools · music · macOS · beets ·

    My macOS iTunes music library includes over 21,000 songs. Some of those tracks contain the wrong information. Wrong title, wrong album, wrong artist, wrong year.

    beets and AppleScript helped me fix my incorrect track information.

  • Comments One More Time

    Sep 20, 2017

    Marginalia · site ·

    Trying to add Disqus comments once again. I adjusted permalinks, since the old /:section/:year/:title/ structure seemed to confuse Disqus. Here’s hoping. I assigned aliases to content so that old links should work.

  • Full Content Hugo Feeds

    Sep 15, 2017

    Tools · site · hugo ·

    Hugo defaults to filling your RSS file with the summary of every post. I prefer the full content of the most recent posts. Today I make my RSS feed reflect my preferences.

  • Summer Reading

    Aug 17, 2017

    Marginalia · books ·

    What have I been doing with my spare time? I’ve been reading books. Not too much. Mostly tech.

  • Emacs Writegood Mode

    Emacs Writegood Mode

    Aug 6, 2017

    Tools · emacs ·

    I rushed through that post about logging money with org mode, and didn’t take much time to edit it. This bothers me. Today I went into writegood-mode to catch my sloppiest writing mistakes.

  • Logging Money In Org Mode

    Logging Money In Org Mode

    Jul 31, 2017 (Updated Aug 5, 2017)

    Tools · emacs · org ·

    I am setting up Emacs org mode to track how I use my money. This is a healthy habit, which I applied in the past with a little paper notebook. This needs to be as easy as that little notebook, or I will never use it.

    I only want to see how I use my money. This can eventually become part of a budget, but all I want today is the ability to make quick money notes.

    • My friend paid me back some money they borrowed
    • One of the housemates chipped in for groceries
    • I treated myself to coffee.

    Stuff like that. Let’s see what I come up with.

  • Backing The Flask Mega Tutorial Kickstarter

    Jul 9, 2017

    Marginalia · python ·

    Miguel Grenbergs’ Flask Mega-Tutorial and book helped me understand using Python’s Flask microframework. Well, somewhat. My understanding would improve if I used it more. Haven’t taken advantage of the opportunity yet. Anyways - of course I decided to back his Kickstarter for updating the Flask Mega-Tutorial.

  • Hugo Archetype Templates

    Hugo Archetype Templates

    Jul 1, 2017

    Tools · hugo · site · bash ·

    I try out archetype templates from the Hugo static site generator, smoothing the whole thing into my workflow with a bash script.

  • Disqus Again

    Disqus Again

    Jun 14, 2017

    Marginalia · site ·

    sigh Disqus discussions are hooking up to the wrong URLs again. Assigning discussions for posts to URLs that don’t point anywhere. Working on it, and also looking at alternate discussion tools.
  • Taking OS X Screenshots

    May 26, 2017

    Tools · os x ·

    Notes on saving screenshots in OS X, so I don’t have to look it up again.

  • Amazon Donates Space For Mary's Place Home

    May 11, 2017

    Marginalia ·

    My main code hobby project is for Mary’s Place, a local homeless shelter network in Seattle. It was immensely satisfying to see their director’s face when I visited Amazon this morning.

  • Disqus Refresh

    May 7, 2017

    Marginalia · site ·

    Tentatively adding fresh Disqus conversations to the site.

  • Making A Mojo Link Checker

    Apr 11, 2017

    Programming · perl · site · mojolicious ·

    I wrote a Perl script using utility features in Mojolicious to check all of the links in my Hugo site.

  • Geekish Update

    Geekish Update

    Mar 28, 2017

    Marginalia · personal · site ·

    I set up a space for myself in the basement. This is now where I keep my desktop - running Ubuntu at the moment. Easy enough to get at from the laptop upstairs. Maybe keep Irssi running in a Tmux session or something.

  • New Twitter Account Just For The Site

    New Twitter Account Just For The Site

    Mar 18, 2017

    Marginalia · site ·

    Follow @randgeekery if Twitter is your news feed.

  • No Disqus For Now

    Mar 17, 2017

    Marginalia · site ·

    Disabling comments until I figure out why Disqus insists on loading the same discussion for all 2017 posts. Not crafts, just posts. I spent almost a week trying to figure this out, as multiple rounds of one day fixing followed by a couple days wondering if UrlMapper finished yet. Very frustrating. Comments are welcome via email or the social network links along each page.
  • Maybe Ration My Time In Hot Take Land

    Mar 13, 2017 (Updated Mar 15, 2017)

    Marginalia · personal ·

    I dunno, folks. Over the years I have seen so much outrage - sincere or feigned - on social media. Then there’s the echo chamber problem. Yeah. Nice thing about an RSS feed is that I’m guaranteed to see everything I subscribe to, but there’s no personal insult in unsubscribing.

    I think maybe I could spend less time on Twitter and Facebook. Not give them up. They remain a source of great conversation. But this nonsense takes up brain that I just can’t spare. Some of my online friends cut themselves out completely, and they like it. Perhaps I should follow their example. Besides, each of them that moves on means one less bit of signal in the noise.

    There is so much noise.

  • Converting OGG To MP3

    Feb 25, 2017

    Programming · perl · perl 6 · music ·

    I have ignored my MacBook Pro for a few months. Now my iTunes and Rhythmbox music libraries are out of sync. The Rhythmbox library includes a handful of Ogg Vorbis files. Because iTunes does not support Ogg by default, I will use FFmpeg to convert those files to MP3. For the sake of novelty, Perl 6 is the glue language for the task.

  • elscreen


    Jan 11, 2017

    Tools · emacs · elscreen ·

    I use ElScreen every time I open Emacs. May as well make a quick note about it.

  • Cinnamon Screenshot Shortcuts

    Cinnamon Screenshot Shortcuts

    Jan 1, 2017

    Tools · linux · cinnamon ·

    TL;DR: Cinnamon screenshot and recording shortcuts are in Settings -> Hardware -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> System.