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  • Windows Virtual Desktops

    Aug 30, 2018

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    A short post noting Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for virtual desktops

  • chocolatey

    Oct 4, 2014

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    I don’t know about you, but I had a pleasant Saturday. It started with an hour or so of the Coursera Programming Languages videos. I learned a little bit about SML, and have been trying to remember the instructor’s caution about comparing what’s learned in class to other languages. It’s supposed to be a fresh perspective on programming.

  • Another Link

    Jan 4, 2008

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    This blog may well be the single best resource ever created for those of use who are learning how to automate Windows with Ruby.

  • VMWare installed

    Nov 27, 2007

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    Okay, now I feel good. I’ve got VMWare installed with Windows XP as the guest OS. That means Office and who knows how many other apps are readily accessible for me. REBOL, for starters. It’s supposed to be cross-platform, but REBOL is happiest by far under Windows.