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Caffeinated, occasionally crafty geek in Seattle. I like FOSS, drawing, and yarn.

A blog, of sorts. I keep quick notes and longer posts here. Mostly about computers and code, but sometimes drawings and assorted crafts. And other stuff. It's a plain old fashioned personal site.

Enjoyed this Derek Sivers interview

I’m not a money podcast person, but this episode was worth an hour of my time. I found myself nodding along with this interview with Derek Sivers – who I already love for /now pages and the NowNowNow project. His emphasis on making enough vs making all the billions meshes well with my preference for using the tech you need vs emulating Google-scale solutions for every project.

I also enjoyed the shout-out to Amy Hoy.

No transcript, so I’ll just quote the summary:

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between living a highly focused life vs making time to ponder and think.
  • Interesting thoughts on money, wealth, and defining what’s enough.
  • Great book recommendations on the topic of money.
Alias Templates in Hugo

Alias Templates in Hugo

I killed some redirects for accessibility and likes

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Setting up Raku with Rakubrew

Rakudobrew changed its name since last I looked

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Letting Ruby build Asciidoctor files for Hugo

Letting Ruby build Asciidoctor files for Hugo

Stuff like this is why i don’t advertise my site repo

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Sepia Hallucination

Created using a decomposing 35mm print of the crime drama The Bells (1926), the experimental short Light Is Calling (2004) depicts a dreamy encounter between a soldier and a mysterious woman.

Appopriate for late at night on a Saturday.