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Where I am now

En route from Federal Way, a suburb between Seattle and Tacoma, to Tucson, in Arizona’s Sonora Desert. This will be an interesting shift after living in the Puget Sound area most of my life.

We agreed it was time for a major change, for a lot of reasons. Biggest two boil down to cost of living and the inevitable changes of an area over decades. I love Seattle and I’ve missed it since the day we moved to the suburbs a few years ago, but the Seattle in my mind? With Sit ’n’ Spin, art theaters, and a general inclination towards letting California have all the billionaires? That city hasn’t existed for a long time.

Who I am around now

Let’s see. There’s MrsGeek, the dogs Aka and Hoku, and the cats Barry and Jack.

What I am doing now

Moving. Looking for work, though that is at a slower pace until we move.

Check out my LinkedIn Profile if you’re looking for a remote or hybrid mostly backend senior dev with reasonably strong Python skills, based in Tucson.

What else?

Want more?

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