My personal orgconfig

This is my live config, written as an Org file and integrated with my site with ox-hugo. Pretty much everything is subject to drastic change. I’ll try not to remove any orgconfig files, but no promises. I can’t even promise the same blocks will be in the same file next time you visit.

Oh! Use :noexport: tags on subtrees and :exports none on source blocks for sensitive or redundant material.

Diego Zamboni’s book Literate Configuration inspired me to get on an orgconfig project. I copied and pasted my dotfiles into source blocks — still need to finish that. After that, I gradually refactor logically connected chunks into their own blocks.

Well. Logical to me, at least. It’s fun to see how other people’s brains work, yes?

General Config Settings

Everything starts here

Zsh config

Get my shell behaving


Set up chemacs and Doom Emacs