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Snapshot – Vacation Time

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Been exploring alternate ways to process and publish these notes, with Logseq and Org as the leading options. Meanwhile I shouldn’t let the site itself get too dusty. Weekly snapshots were getting boring but monthly might have been a little overkill on spacing things out.

We’re going on vacation! Well, MrsGeek is on vacation. I get to go along too, because she likes me. Got somebody to look after the house and the critters while we check out casinos, shows, and some funky art exhibits in Vegas.

It’s like Primus says:

Funny thing about weekends when you’re unemployed: they don’t mean quite so much – except you get to hang out with your working friends.

Finally on ADHD meds for the first time in over a year. It’s nice being able to think a little more clearly again. Adding a new blog post two days after restarting meds is probably not a coincidence. My hope is that this helps with the Job Search as well, though there’s been some promising movement in that domain this week.


Been a little distracted for the last couple of weeks to log many bookmarks. Good thing it’s been a month since my last snapshot!

GitHub - boltex/leointeg: Leo Editor Integration with VS Code
lets you use Leo editor – a very funky flexible Literate Programming and PKM tool – from VS Code
Apple Annie’s Weblog · What I’ve learned about CSS color-scheme and friends.
a great breakdown on one of the easiest ways to enable dark mode in your CSS
thread explaining why you probably don’t ever want to apply for a job at Canonical
Amazon kills “Just Walk Out” shopping tech—it never really worked | Ars Technica
the “automated” checkout at Amazon stores was a thousand people in India reviewing video footage; see also The Mechanical Turk
Models All The Way Down
examining LAION-5B, a foundational training data set for image generation via Artificial Intelligence
The one about the web developer job market – Baldur Bjarnason
diversify your skills to less popular things, tools, and tech, which are less effectively covered by LLMs; start a side hustle; unionize

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