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Job Search

Job Search

Resources for remote tech work that won’t make me hate my life.


These are my own general resources, but hey yeah. These notes are visible to the world. Hello, world! I am interested in backend development or related opportunities. You can find out more about my professional context at:

Tech Career Skill Development

Resume and Cover Letter Resources

Not particularly well-vetted, as I’ve mostly glanced at these.

Job Boards and Search Engines


General Suggestions

via Kat Talley on LinkedIn

  • Always follow-up after an interview.
  • Email within 24hrs thanking the person you interviewed with for their time.
  • Make sure to add 1-2 sentences that are personalized that reference the conversation you had, this helps them remember you.
  • Tip ๐Ÿ’ก attach all documents; CV, cover letter, pitch, 30/60/90 day plan etc.

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