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2024-02-04 Snapshot

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Mostly trying to impress prospective employers.


Job Search continues. Keeping my chin up after the ones that don’t work out. There’s at least one upcoming interview that excites me, but it’s Java? So I’m brushing up on my Java. Gotta spark some neurons that haven’t been accessed in a few years.

Had an issue missing Telegram notifications while running full-screen games in Linux. Fixed by disabling Settings → Notifications and Sounds → Use native notifications. I thought enabling it would be cool, but KDE and Electron apparently don’t get along that well.

Dabbling with different ways to manage the source notes for My Public Brain. Obsidian works, but I would like a better way to express subtopic relations. Sure there’s Obsidian Breadcrumbs. For what I’m thinking of, I prefer something like Dendron where you don’t have to dig into frontmatter, properties, or recursive folder listings to understand note relationships.

Also chewing on how to do an RSS feed for the cards. Can’t just use created property. I might let a note sit in the private Inbox for a while before I decide it’s ready to be a public Card. The site front page uses a naive interpretation of updated to show recently changed cards. Not sure the same logic would make sense for a chronological feed. Maybe something that asks Git when a file showed up in cards/?

Anyways, not important right now. Need more of my brain for job hunting and studying.


Breadcrumbs Quickstart Guide - Obsidian Hub - Obsidian Publish
a tutorial intro the the Obsidian Breadcrumbs plugin, because the official docs are dense
library for rendering styled text in the terminal; it’s like Rich for Kotlin
Mastering Taco Seasoning: How Much To Use Per Pound Of Meat • BoatBasinCafe
because it’s a food post that actually says the part you care about right at the start of the article (2 tablespoons per pound of meat)
GitHub - drbap/magicuser-theme-for-obsidian: MagicUser theme for (light and dark themes)
needs some lens flare and chrome polish, but otherwise an excellent Obsidian theme for the ’80s vaporwave aficionado
Lupus and other autoimmune diseases strike far more women than men. Now there’s a clue why
it’s just a piece of the puzzle but that’s more than we had up to now; sometimes the RNA Xist cleanup crew treats pieces of the extra X chromosome as invaders to be purged (via Mastodon 🐘)

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