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Snapshot — I Hate Daylight Savings Time

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Daylight Savings Time messed me up yesterday. I was not in any kind of mood to write a post.

Job Search continues, with me getting excited about one or two opportunities that have been progressing. Can’t make any assumptions though, so I’ll keep chugging along.


Latest Updates: Daylight Saving Time in 2024
looks like I’ll be updating my microwave and my sleep schedule twice annually for the foreseeable future
Gleam version 1 – Gleam
A new type-safe language on the Erlang runtime; loads of fun to play with, though its standard library is not 1.0 yet
Doing weeknotes
these snapshot posts are weeknotes, give or take; here’s a long writeup on the concept in a few contexts
Benchmarking DuckDB vs SQLite for Simple Queries | Lukas Barth
SQLite serves my needs well, but I’m curious about when I might use DuckDB; seems to work best in OLAP situations where your data is already prepped and you might reach for Pandas or similar
Pluralistic: The real problem with anonymity (04 Mar 2024) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow
opens with debunking The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory, a popular concept from the “on the Internet nobody knows you’re a dog” era which posits people are mean online because anonymity lets them avoid accountability; Doctorow then highlights the anonymous corporate bullies that have shaped our modern dystopia

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