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2024-01-21 Snapshot

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Mostly working on the brain-blog hybrid.


  • Almost done with my brain-blog hybrid project, merging My Public Brain with Random Geekery.
  • Made some forward progress on the current Job Search. Nothing concrete yet, but people want to talk to me. That feels nice.


  • shift the live site from blog to brain-blog
  • ever forward with job search


A fair bit of Obsidian stuff got my attention this week as I worked out ways to publish the vault within my own very particular workflow. BTW I’d just use Obsidian Publish if I wasn’t me.

rehype-obsidian-callout - npm
support callouts (notes, warnings, etc) in remark-based SSGs
remark-obsidian - npm
converts most of Obsidian’s markup, though right now it strips out path information when slugifying links (/card/ADHD becomes /cardadhd)
GitHub - zoni/obsidian-export: Rust library and CLI to export an Obsidian vault to regular Markdown
handy for exporting Obsidian vaults; does not yet handle callouts or YouTube embeds; I ended up settling on obsidian-export + some post-processing for my current publishing workflow
Can You See The Red Flags Of A Toxic Tech Company? - YouTube
this will always be relevant; some good general indicators, but the vaguest-sounding one to “trust your gut” is the one I’ve regretted ignoring over the years

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