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2024-02-11 Snapshot

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Mostly sad about Mojo Nixon


Got the basic structure of My Public Brain in place. Now I’m pondering aspects like accessibility and aesthetics.

Job Search continues, with a few more applications submitted and couple interviews that haven’t led to employment yet. Ah well. It’s good practice. I’m getting real good at interviews.


3 Defining Features of ADHD Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, Hyperfocus
I saved this link four times in two days, so I guess I thought it was important
Jello Biafra’s Renegade Roundtable - MOJO NIXON (Full Episode) - YouTube
highly entertaining interview / conversation between Jello and Mojo from a couple years ago, shared as video to sort of mark Mojo Nixon’s passing; 90 minutes, so I watched it in a few parts over the day
GitHub - mikepqr/ Write your resume in Markdown, style it with CSS, output to HTML and PDF
a nice straightforward workflow for generating nice resumes from Markdown with Pandoc and a headless browser
How to Spell “Resume” - Résumé, Resumé, or No Accent?
resúmé or resume, not resumé
Learn Accessibility - Full a11y Tutorial - YouTube
good intro to Web accessibility topics like contrast, semantic HTML, and ARIA; primarily emphasizes screen reader interaction in examples

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