Collecting my attempts to improve at tech, art, and life

Why am I doing this

My first site coolnamehere was an organized collection of notes. My current site Random Geekery has basically just been a blog for its first ten years. But blogs alone are too ephemeral. Everything is ephemeral, but a blog — my blog — has been about what has my attention a specific point in time. Once my attention moves on, I don’t track a post’s contents too closely.

Nothing wrong with that, but I want some anchors for my attention. And since folks used to enjoy the notes in coolnamehere, I’ll share those anchors with you.

Closest I’ve got to a regret is that I started with a blank slate — I started with just the Web pages I already published, and extracted short cards for recurring topics as I noticed them. So I apologize for the many shortcomings in these notes. But hey they’re my notes. They’re for tracking what’s interesting to me, in a way that’s interesting to me.

Added to vault 2024-01-19. Updated on 2024-01-26