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How These Notes are Organized

Tags: meta

tldr: Blog posts for today, cards for persistent thoughts. Store it in Obsidian, build it with Hugo and obsidian-export

also relevant: Why am I doing this


Provide a relatively simple structure to let me use folders to organize information along a couple important splits:

short-term vs long-term

I don’t need to keep all my notes forever! Make it easy to see what notes still need to be refactored into some form of long-term memory.

personal vs public

I want to share some of my notes, and maintaining separate vaults doesn’t work for me. Make sure there’s a designated spot for long-term private notes, but also put new notes in a (private) limbo where I know I need to refine and file them.


Folder Purpose
_templates skeletal structures for notes
attachments images and other non-text files
card Long-term public notes
inbox spot to capture and process new notes
journal Private records
journal/day Daily journal, some of which gets refactored
journal/jots Long-term but private (contacts, etc)
post Long-form structured material explicitly for a public audience
reference What I read, watch, etc that adds info to other notes


Added to vault 2024-01-15. Updated on 2024-03-21