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2024-02-18 Snapshot

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2024-02-18 16.12.29.jpg
plumbing place worryingly close to a power outlet


Kind of random selection this week, but that’s on brand. I played with therapeutic noise generation, read up on lesser AI apocalypses like model collapse and investors finally getting picky, and learned some Git.

Then the kitchen faucet started leaking into the storage space with all the cleaning supplies and for some reason known only to our landlords, a power outlet. Fixed the problem with Perl a wrench, but that kept me occupied enough that I nearly forgot what day it was.



Generative AI’s Act Two | Sequoia Capital
basically, Sequoia Capital would appreciate it if folks proposed more interesting Artificial Intelligence services than chatbots and autocomplete, please
What is Model Collapse and how to avoid it • The Register
discussing research about when output from generative models shows up in training data for the next generation; it’s bad, and the likeliest solution involves rich companies developing nonsense filters while the world gets painfully surreal for anybody else trying to train an LLM
So You Think You Know Git - FOSDEM 2024 - YouTube
this floated past my field of view half a dozen times this week; I assume it was popular for a reason, so I’m watching it right now
The Difference Between Types Of Noise
white noise, pink noise, brown noise? Blue, gray, green, orange, and when all that’s too much there’s black noise (silence)
CSS Mixins & Functions Explainer
CSS getting more like my precious Sass every day

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