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2024-02-25 Snapshot

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We went to a kickboxing class this week! That was fun.

Other than that, applying for jobs, setting up interviews, poking at Ruby and Crystal for some utility scripts, and trying little experiments to see if any other PKM might work as well or better than what I’ve got going on with Obsidian. I do most daily capturing in Logseq, but so far my strict namespace requirements are a little more challenging without help from plugins.


Designing services for people who need help with numbers
an assortment of measures so your site or application is less troublesome for folks with dyscalculia and related numerical processing issues
Heuristics for Effective Software Development Organizations: A continuously evolving list.* | Allen Holub
an attempt to distill the Agile Manifesto to its core becomes a 27 point list over time; but it’s a good list, clarifying the initial point: work small; talk to each other; make people’s lives better
Open Source JobHub
a job board for jobs in the FOSS world; add it to your Job Search if that’s a priority for you
GitHub - YU000jp/logseq-page-tags-and-hierarchy: Split page title hierarchy as links / Page view UI for page-tags and hierarchy
a breadcrumb trail for pages in your Logseq namespace hierarchy
GitHub - YU000jp/logseq-plugin-short-namespaces: Displays hierarchical links, which tend to be long, by omitting them.
elides title of inline links to pages in your Logseq namespace hierarchy; Note/Python renders as Python, with the full path visible if you scrub over with your mouse.

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