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The Site

Volume on the site RSS is pretty light, if the Archives are anything to go by. Nevertheless, Hugo lets me offer narrowly focused feeds for those only interested in (for example) my craft projects.

The Main Feed
The Main Feed includes everything on the site.
The Post Feed
The Post Feed focuses on the written content: notes on tools, programming, and marginalia (random whatever).
The Craft Feed
The Craft Feed includes visual stuff, like drawing, knitting, and crochet projects.
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My personal social media accounts tend towards chaos. Sometimes I flood them with activity. Sometimes I ignore them for weeks or months. I’m out there, though. Here are the accounts I pay more attention to, from most to least frequently checked.

The usual: let friends and family know I’m still alive. Stuff like that.
Let friends and strangers know that I’m alive and want coffee.
Pictures! Mostly pretty plants and knitting or drawing projects in progress.
Often fiddling with one unusual social network or another. Lately it’s been Mastodon. Usage is about like Twitter.
Some people only care about your code. Warning: fairly unreliable as an indicator of the code I’m working on.
Been trying to use this rather than letting Twitter be my bookmark manager, because Twitter is an awful bookmark manager.
Been experimenting with using LinkedIn for sharing tech-related posts. Some of my old G+ friends started doing that recently.
Mostly to occasionally visit and be sad about what could have been, and check in with the folks that haven’t moved on yet. I never did get over the loss of APIs when they switched from Buzz to Plus, or over the loss of goodwill when they hassled people over the names policy.