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The Site

Volume on the site RSS is pretty light, if the Archives are anything to go by. Nevertheless, Hugo lets me offer narrowly focused feeds for those only interested in (for example) my craft projects.

The Main Feed
The Main Feed includes everything on the site.
The Post Feed
The Post Feed is basically the blog. Posts about code, craft, and whatever else is on my mind.
The Piece Feed
The Piece Feed focuses on things I am selling somewhere. Probably designs put on Design By Humans for now.
On Telegram
The RandomGeekery channel is an experiment dabbling with Telegram, roughly equivalent to the main feed.


My personal social media accounts tend towards chaos. Sometimes I flood them with activity. Sometimes I ignore them for weeks or months. I’m out there, though. Here are the accounts I pay more attention to, from most to least frequently checked.

The usual: let friends and family know I’m still alive. Stuff like that.
Show friends and strangers pictures of my projects and things that catch my eye.
Let friends and strangers know that I’m alive and want coffee.
Let friends and strangers who enjoy niche social networks know that I’m alive and enjoy niche social networks. Join in and try it out! It’s mostly like Twitter.
Let the friends and strangers who enjoy niche social networks that look kinda like Facebook know that I remember they exist.
Some people only care about your code. Warning: fairly unreliable as an indicator of the code I’m working on.