I posted "Still pondering new site approaches" on April 12th, 2021

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Still pondering new site approaches

Just name-dropping site generators

I haven't exactly loved Hugo since they stuck me with Go templates as the only option. But Hugo doesn't need me to love it, and it works well enough for me. Still. You look around and try stuff out with different builders.

Lektor looks nice — darn good control panel and API for a static site generator. Course I know about Gatsby, Eleventy, and Zola. Eh, nice enough but none really grabbed me and held on. Nanoc? Possibly. Been having trouble with Ruby dependencies lately. No idea why — something something FFI — but it's putting me off the Ruby site builders for the moment.

But maybe I don't want static. Maybe something like Statamic, which feels like "what if somebody wrote WordPress today, with Laravel?" It would be nice to have something which let me be more impulsive with notes and pics.

Porting this site more or less intact would be a headache and a half. Whatever I use better have good redirects and maybe even search.

Anyways that's how I've been spending what spare time I get. Hope things are okay for you in Pandemic Year Two.

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