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cat peeking at you with just the top of his head visible behind your desk
Jack wonders when dinner is

The toilet fire that is Twitter’s new management strategy continues apace. Felt compelled to take my normally wide-open account and lock it. I don’t want to deactivate and delete. Somebody else can come along, grab the name, and spam the hell out of people with it.

But hey, where else can you find me? I’ll update my h-card once the dust settles, but here’s where I’m at roughly in order of how much attention I’ve given it:

Meanwhile I’m pondering the plausibility of a single-user Fediverse instance as a way to enable comments. Or I could just set up a WordPress site. Until I decide on that, you can find me at one or more of the listed sites.

And all this is kinda depressing after 15 years on Twitter. Okay yes I hated it half the time but that uh that came from a place of love. But anyways enough gloominess. How about a picture of one of the cats?

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