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  • Python Blogger Refresh Part 2 - Settings

    Jun 12, 2009

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    The Idea

    I had to focus my efforts last time on restoring the original functionality of my Python Blogger script. That’s out of the way. I can now start looking at enhancements. The first annoyance - of many - is the fact that Blogger connection settings are hard-coded into the script. Do you want to post to a different blog? That’s going to require editing the source.

  • Python Blogger Refresh, Part 1

    Jun 9, 2009 (Updated Jun 12, 2009)

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    The Idea

    I wrote a post a while back about using Python to write Blogspot posts from the command line. It took me about two weeks to completely forget about it. Still, it’s one of the few posts on this blog that gets regular visits, and the code … well, the code is not great. It was a fair effort, but it didn’t even accomplish the things I had initially set out to do. Account information is hard-coded into the code, for example. I also blundered along haphazardly with parsing metadata information myself despite the fact that Python Markdown has an extension which is perfectly capable of handling metadata. Well, let’s look at that code again.

  • Adding Categories to the Python Blogger Client

    Jan 2, 2008

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    Update 2009-06-09

    I’ve revisited the code for Blogger posting with Python. Start with the Python Blogger refresh to see the new starting point.