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October 5th, 2019

We went to the mall. Later, I bought an app.

We went to the Apple store. I played with a new iPad Pro. Tried hard not to like it, but it was a really pleasant experience.

The demo iPad had a great note-taking app that could help my search for an app that let me handwrite notes and then search through their content later.

Been messing with Windows and WSL 2 more lately. So we went to the Microsoft store too. I tried hard to like it, but everything felt a little clumsy and disappointing after the smoothness of the Apple devices.

When I got home I had to find and install GoodNotes, the notebook app I played with at the Apple Store, on my own iPad. Yeah I like it. This will come in real handy.

Oh and I want a matte screen protector. Supposedly gives you more of a paper feel when working on the iPad.

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