I dump stuff on this site: programming notes, TODO items, crafting projects, random thoughts.

My name is Brian Wisti, and I am a geek. This site should provide plenty of evidence for that. I write code for a living, and often write code as a hobby.

Different versions of this site have been online since sometime in 2000. I collect notes, projects, and somewhat random thoughts here. I try to keep tutorial material up to date. Sometimes I fall behind, though. Contact me if you see anything horribly wrong.

I have more hobbies than I know what to do with. These days, I spend a lot of time programming, knitting, or drawing. I spend more time programming, but it is hard to tell whether I have been programming or drawing for more time. They both seem to satisfy my general urge to create something. From other people, each gets a different reaction. More people go “oh, cool” at my drawings. More people are willing to pay me for my programming. The knitted stuff keeps people warm and / or amused.

So I get to do all the things I enjoy and stay very happy.