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A pretty front-end for Stable Diffusion


  • Put your SD checkpoints (the huge ckpt / safetensors files) in models/checkpoints
  • Put your VAE in models/vae

Installing ComfyUI on Windows

Portable builds for Window on NVidia GPUs (or CPU-only)


Installing ComfyUI on Linux

Installing to a Python venv

git clone
pyenv virtualenv 3.11.7 comfy
pyenv local comfy
pip install torch torchvision torchaudio \
pip install -r requirements.txt

The run it directly from the checkout



An extension designed to enhance the usability of ComfyUI

GitHub - ltdrdata/ComfyUI-Manager

Windows installation:

.\python_embeded\python.exe -s -m pip install gitpython
.\python_embeded\python.exe -c "import git; git.Repo.clone_from('', './ComfyUI/custom_nodes/ComfyUI-Manager')"

Linux installation (from your existing ComfyUI checkout)

cd custom_nodes
git clone

After installation, restart ComfyUI and select “Manager.” This is where you install models.


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