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Integrated development and IT Operations as primary responsibility, with focus on automating the fiddly bits of IT.


Gives a context for some of the bigger tech changes over the last couple decades

  • A whole-ass Microservice architecture is more complicated than a monolith, but its individual components are easier to update, deploy, or phase out completely.
  • You can use an orchestrator like Kubernetes to configure, fire up, and tear down Container collections as a matter of routine, whereas doing the same with a monolith requires greater planning and communication.
  • Terraform and similar Infrastructure as Code tools, using a structured language to describe architecture, and Git or whatever version control system you prefer to see the changing needs over time (and roll back if you screw up)

YMMV because the added complexity means more brains dedicated to maintaining that whole thing — one team can manage one microservice, but with lots of services you’ll end up needing a few teams — and a tiny shop would likely be better off having an architecture that can fit in fewer heads: monolith on a server is the easy example. Or they can pay somebody else to think about it, of course.


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