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A version and tool manager for Node.js

Install and Use Volta

curl | bash


Install LTS Node, putting a node executable in your $PATH:

volta install node

Any yarn global add or npm install -g gets pinned to your current Node. You can also use volta install for tools, likewise pinned to current Node installation.

volta install typescript

Specify tool versions with pin

volta pin node@20.11.1
volta pin yarn@4.1.1

Adds an entry to package.json

"volta": {
	"node": "20.11.1",
	"yarn": "4.1.1"

This entry works like .nvmrc for nvm, just making it an explicit part of your project definition.

Mostly I just use the global volta install for Node and tools.

Added to vault 2024-01-15. Updated on 2024-03-21