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My micro editor config

Tags: config

micro makes it easy to set config from inside the editor. That means this file may be out of sync with my current config.

Keeping that warning in mind, I won’t get clever with 1:1 file matches like in some other configs.


//- file:micro/settings.json
    "colorcolumn": 80,
    "colorscheme": "dukedark-tc",
    "diffgutter": true,
    "ft:dart": {
        "tabsize": 2
    "ft:go": {
        "tabstospaces": false
    "rmtrailingws": true,
    "tabstospaces": true


//- file:micro/bindings.json
    "Alt-/": "lua:comment.comment",
    "CtrlUnderscore": "lua:comment.comment"

Added to vault 2024-01-15. Updated on 2024-02-01