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/now — it’s like a webring for status pages!

Where I am now

Living in Federal Way, a suburb between Seattle and Tacoma. Been here over almost two years and frankly I still haven’t gotten used to the suburbs.

Who I am around now

Let’s see. There are four humans and five critters. I am happily married to one of the humans. The other two are pretty cool.

The critters? Two dogs, three cats.

What I am doing now

Looking for work. Check out my LinkedIn Profile if you’re looking for a remote or hybrid mostly backend senior dev with reasonably strong Python skills, based near Seattle.

What else?

  • getting old; better than the alternative, but complaints range from perpetually blocked ear to fingernail ridges
  • studying enterprise technologies like Kotlin and Kubernetes for greater confidence answering “yes” when someone asks if I know them
  • using Obsidian for notes
  • puttering with new ways to organize this site

Want more?

You can contact me via email — or follow me online!

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