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Just a Little Update

I began the process of migrating my VIM pages to a more sensible location within the site. Go to to find the newest docs for VIM. You’ll still find the old pages for a while, but the new section has the docs for version 6.1! How can you possibly resist?


Use an internet-archive link for the old VIM pages.

One other thing: The Nifty Python Templating Thingy is most definitely going to be a Ruby Text Templating Idea. I want some more practice writing real code before I go and muck things up in anyone else’s Ruby projects. The good news there is that I am already about 1/3 done with the test cases, with each test already passing merrily along. I think that’s good. I plan to keep the pace up through the weekend.

Added to vault 2024-06-15. Updated on 2024-06-15