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Computers are all about programs. If you take the time to learn how to program, then you’re “on the inside” - more than just an ordinary user. The computer will obey your every whim, and you will be able to sneer at “lusers” (loser-users) who have no idea how their computer works. You will make millions of dollars working in your shorts. Beautiful people will throw themselves off of cliffs to be near you. The planet will be yours for the taking!

Sorry about that. I get a little carried away sometimes. The truth is that knowing how to program will not make any of these things happen. It will not make you superior to everyone else. It will not guarantee you a job. The beautiful people are not going to want to be near you any more than they did before you could program.

Despite all of that, some folks really enjoy programming. Computers are amazingly complex things, and there is a real sense of satisfaction in making a computer do what you told it to. Programming is a craft, mixing art and science together to produce useful (and / or fun) applications for people to use.

I’m not going to waste any more time explaining why programming can be fun. Either you’ll enjoy it or you won’t. I happen to enjoy it very much, and I want to learn more about how to do it right. COOLNAMEHERE Geekery tracks my own progress learning programming languages and practices.

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