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Getting Things Organized

Tags: coolnamehere

It’s been an organizing week more than anything else for me. I decided to apply the magic of make to the site building process, which automates creation and installation of site files. Either that, or I’m about to wipe out the entire site. Let’s hope not!

I spent a few hours arranging and adding captions to some of the galleries in the photo album. Not every gallery has comments, because I ran out of ideas after a while. There are a few, though.

There’s a link to my brother’s site on the exit page now. I enjoy mentioning family online.

Once again there are no new drawings. I’ve been busy with a lot of different things, but I’m running out of excuses now. I best get some new drawings done. Meanwhile, you can peek through history to see a few older drawings that I’ve scanned and put into the drawings section. It’s nothing great, but it felt like too much time had passed since the last time I put pictures online.

Added to vault 2024-04-03. Updated on 2024-04-03