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Happy New Year!

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Hey there, Happy New Year! 2002 seems to be off to a friendly start for me. There isn’t any new content today, because I’ve been busy with other things. “Like what?” you ask, or maybe not. For starters, I toyed with the idea of redoing this site with Zope. I’m still toying, but that means giving up a lot of hard-won tricks with WebMake. We’ll see where that goes.

I used to have a warning on the front page. I still do, but now it only shows up if your browser doesn’t:

It’s a cheap and dirty trick, but it should work quite nicely. Now people who don’t have to worry about it won’t have to see a warning about somebody else’s browser.

I finally got around to creating a page for older site news. I just took everything from last year and put it on a different page. I might do something fancier as time wears on.

In news that is much more exciting for me personally, I got an email yesterday from Eric A. Meyer, author of two major CSS books and producer of the inspirational css/edge site. You don’t have to look too hard to notice the similarities between COOLNAMEHERE and his pages. I was never expecting to get an email from anybody who wrote books that are sitting on my shelf - especially an unsolicited one. Second off, I was surprised by how nice he was. Not that the existence of nice people is a surprise, just … oh, I don’t know. You never expect people to be nice to you.

Apparently, he was looking through Google to find people who were using his css/edge concepts, and this site was one of the entries that came up. Actually, you should try it yourself. Just go to Google and look for “css/edge” - you will find some pretty awesome work by other folks who found Eric Meyer’s stuff irresistibly attractive.

He even directly addressed my own little jab at myself for “ripping off” his site. Here’s the cool bit:

Far from a ripoff, I think your site shows a nice dash of creativity in taking various css/edge ideas and using them in your own way. In fact, I feel rather flattered to see you using my concepts for your site. Anyway, I made the design concepts and markup freely available, so no harm done regardless. Share and enjoy, that’s my philosophy…

Is that not cool? I hurried up to get his permission to mention it on this site. As mentioned elsewhere on the site, I have a fragile ego that responds quickly to kind words.

That’s about it. A little site housekeeping, and me jumping up and down in excitement, but no new content. I think I’ll go play with CSS now.

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