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Sorry Folks!

See this face? Do you see the expression on my face? No, of course you can’t. Trust me, it’s not a happy face. I succumbed to a little .NET hype, and went so far as to install IIS, so I could mess around with that nifty ASP.NET thingy. I was a good boy, and I grabbed all of the Windows Updates I could find.

Sometime in the dark of night (or the middle of day, I never can tell), some script compromised my server and set it up so that all of my HTML pages would open some sort of executable file on loading. Every HTML page. Not just the ones in wwwroot, but every dang HTML file readable by Windows. That means my awkward backup system is all messed up, too.

The easy solution would be to simply go back into Linux and never look back. The only problem with that is the fact that most of the available office packages for Linux suck, and the ones that don’t are still too raw to be useful for every task. Plus, I would go into withdrawals if I had to miss out on PhotoShop. Don’t try to tell me the GIMP is just as good, I’ve used the GIMP for a few years - I know better.

So, I’m using Apache under Windows. It’s going to take me a few days to get everything under control again, but please be patient.

I’m going to go grab some coffee. That usually puts the happy face back on.

Problem (partly) fixed with ZenWeb, a creation of Ryan Davis. I’ll fill in the details later, but in the meantime you can read all about my adventures playing with ZenWeb.

Added to vault 2024-06-15. Updated on 2024-06-15