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System Stuff

What’s new at COOLNAMEHERE? Not much, yet it seems like a lot. Brooke just got done with finals week for the quarter. That was a busy time for everyone, but things have quieted down now. I’m studying for my driver’s test. My original hope was to have a driver’s license before I turned 30. Oh well, maybe I’ll take the test before I turn 31. The thought occurs to me that I am an odd individual ;-)

Computer-wise, I’m doing some heavy changes to stuff on this computer. The attempt with Redhat 7.3 was a total disaster, but I’m feeling too lazy to mess with downloading a different distribution while people wonder where the site is. I re-installed the old Redhat 7.2 distro, and have spent most of the day upgrading software from source. The computer is in the middle of fixing the RH oversight of not using an official released GCC. This computer will only vaguely resemble a Redhat system by the end of the week.

And yes, I’m working on PageTemplate stuff while all this is going on.

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