I posted Tools on Saturday, 1 June, 2002



I already talk a little bit on this site about the language tools I use, such as Perl, Ruby, and Python. There’s a section where I touch on the most important tool of a geek like me: the text editor.

But coolnamehere needs a section for the smaller tools that I use everyday. They may have been born on UNIX-like operating systems, but they do not live exclusively in that environment. They may have been written in a particular language, but that is not what makes them interesting.

As with every other section on this site, the stuff in here is useful to me, and new pages will get added roughly whenever I get an idea in the middle of the night. It is rather hard to predict. Will it ever be useful to you? I hope so. Will it be useful to me? Probably. I forget things if I do not type them down somewhere.

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