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Coolnamehere is open to the Commons

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The contents of coolnamehere are now officially available under the Creative Commons Attribution License. I am a coding geek by profession, but my main contribution to the world at large seems to be the odd assortment of notes, tutorials, and random tangents that make up the site. The site has become more useful to people as it has grown and evolved. It just doesn’t make sense to keep the material locked down under traditional copyright terms. If somebody wants to redistribute python-babysteps-tutorial for some strange reason, I say “Let them.” All I care about is that people know I’m the original author of that particular … let’s call it a “masterpiece.”

The exact license may change over time if I decide that alteration or distribution-for-profit makes me unhappy. Probably not. I am most concerned about the form my work takes while on my site.

I do have a non-legal request, though. Please tell me when you are using my material. I am curious what contexts people find this stuff to be useful.

Added to vault 2024-01-15. Updated on 2024-01-26