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Updating coolnamehere's design

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It’s time to revamp coolnamehere.

I’ve been using a tweaked version of the Greenery template from OSWD for a couple of years now. I think it’s time for a change. This time I actually concocted my own design using one of my photos and Yahoo’s YUI. I had so much fun with YUI on my church site that I had to try it out on my own site.

Here’s a screenshot of the old design:

old OSWD design

There are a lot of things I liked about this design. The grass image dividing the columns gave the site an attractive and natural touch that had been missing before. On the other hand, I felt the need to tweak it so that it would work in all the browsers I used. It’s nice, though. Much better than the designs I had been coming up with on my own.

The new design has been widely praised by my sample group of two incredibly non-biased people: my wife and my brother. Okay, I will concede that they may have a bias. I like it in general, though. It’s very … Seattle. Clouds, water, scotch bloom.

new design

The design is still in progress. For starters, I hate the navtree menu. That navtree is starting to look a little cumbersome, actually, and is making me rethink how I want to handle navigation through the site. Maybe a simple subpage listing such as the one generated by ZenWeb. I’m also looking at new publishing options, and the one that is most attractive to me right now is Blosxom. It’s relatively old. It is also ridiculously easy to use and fairly straightforward to enhance.

Oh, and I need to sort through the CSS, and probably the content itself. Oh well, at least all the pages are in order.

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