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So I used to have another site. I also used to have a Yahoo email account. The domain name was registered under a Network Solutions account using the Yahoo account. All was well for years.

Except that all was not well. The Yahoo account was frequently compromised. I still can’t figure out whether to blame Yahoo or myself for that. Spam was sent from my account to contacts on a regular basis. I got fed up in 2011 and deleted the email account. I forgot about the Network Solutions hookup, though. The old site - - expired in May 2013 and went to some sort of auction thing. I decided to set up a new site rather than fuss with the auction.

Random Geekery is the same thing that coolnamehere was: a mix of notes and tutorials about geeky code stuff along with occasional personal updates. Unlike the old site, I’m starting out with a blog and enabling comments.

The old coolnamehere content will be uploaded here so that sites which link to its resources will still have something to point to. I’ll make a note when that happens.

Added to vault 2024-01-15. Updated on 2024-01-26